Specialty Refinishing
"A good contractor builds the job. A great contractor builds relationships." - Eric Sorensen, Owner

Door Finishing & Refinishing

The first impression someone gets as they approach your home is the front door – and it says so much about you. Chaco Canyon Designs can finish your new doors or refinish your existing wood doors with our endless selection of stain or paint colors. We do everything for you from taking the door down, boarding up the doorway for security, completely finishing the door and returning it back ready to give your home that new look it so deserves!

Bathtub Refinishing

Has your bathtub lost its shine? Is it increasingly difficult to keep clean? Or are the colors outdated? We can help! Chaco Canyon Designs can refinish your porcelain or fiberglass bathtub to a brand new shine in just a few hours. We can even do the same with your ceramic tile. We can change the color to almost any look that you want. The new finish cures to a high-gloss and is very hard, giving your old tub a new beautiful and long-lasting lease on life.

Cabinet Finishing & Refinishing

If that once-beautiful finish on your kitchen cabinets is damaged and worn from years of use and nothing you’ve tried will clean it, the solution is cabinet refinishing.

No matter how bad your cabinets might look on the surface, most likely the wood underneath is still in good condition. Many people mistakenly believe that they need new cabinets, but in the same way that an old piece of furniture can be beautifully restored, the rich grain and color of your cabinets can be revived. And, because you don’t have to buy any new wood, refinishing is usually your most economical cabinet solution.

Because only meticulous preparation produces beautiful cabinets, Chaco canyon Designs spends a great deal of time restoring the wood before we ever even think about the finish coats. Taking the time to do all of the many steps required, we guarantee that your cabinets will look beautiful for years.

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